Are we about to face volcanic catastrophe?

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By Ann Tyller | December 6, 2015 12:15 pm

In 79 AD volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius destroyed ancient city of Pompeii in Roman Empire. Eruption completely eliminated this prosperous city, instantly killing its inhabitants and  buried them under thousands tons of ashes.

How would we fare if faced with Mount Vesuvius -sized eruption today? Is it even feasible that we can prepare for this type of natural catastrophe?

Are we about to face volcanic catastrophe?

Are we about to face volcanic catastrophe?

There are at least 10 volcanoes on Planet Earth that could culminate in gigantic eruption;

1 Laguna del Maule in Chile.
Currently inflating at the astonishing rate of 25cm a year, above a growing body of magma just 5km beneath the surface.

2 Uturuncu in Bolivia.
70km-wide bulge that has been growing since the early 1990s.

3 Alban Hills in Italy.
Just 20km south-east of Rome, this huge volcano has become restless following more than 30,000 quiet years.

4 Campi Flegrei in Italy.
The archetypal on the edge of Naples has not erupted since 1538, but has shown worrying signs since 1970s.

5 Yellowstone in Wyoming, USA
No eruption for around 70,000 years, but very dangerous and actively restless.

6 Mount Fuji in Japan.
Quiet since 1707, but scientists recently warned that the volcano was in a “critical state” with a “high potential for eruption”.

7 Mammoth Mountain in California, USA.
In September 2014, up to 300 small earthquakes a day shook this part of the Long Valley supervolcano.

8 Askja in Iceland.
Swarms of small earthquakes and a crater-lake that was ice-free last winter hint at magma on the move for the first time since a major blast in 1875.

9 Mount Paektu in North Korea.
In 940 it hosted one of the greatest eruptions of the past 10,000 years; signs of unrest are again evident.

10 Cumbre Vieja in Canaries.
Eruption of this gigantic volcano could spawn a North Atlantic mega-tsunami.

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