BBC Reality World War Three: Inside the War Room

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By Serge K | February 4, 2016 3:41 pm

Could you stop World War Three?

Could you stop World War Three.War games questions:

  • Who’s sitting around the table
  • Violence in the Baltic?
  • Escalation?
  • Do we push the red button?
  • The real-life scenario?
  • Where next?

BBC reality show. World War Three. Inside the War Room

Situation: Violence in the Baltic

In this imagined situation, ethnic Russians – who make up a quarter of the population in Estonia – gather at a Russian war memorial. After violent confrontations with the police, 22 are arrested, including six Russians. Russia demands their release. Trouble spills into Latvia, where thousands of ethnic Russians take to the streets in protest. Russia is accused of stirring up the protests.

One could watch the scenario unfold above.

Former senior figures from the British military, as well as diplomats and politicians, have gathered to demonstrate how it works for the BBC, with a scenario set in Eastern Europe.

A fictitious vision of the future compiled by “western strategists” in which Russia invades Latvia and then launches a nuclear strike on Britain has premiered in a new BBC show titled “World War Three: Inside the War Room.”

War games. Bit of an oxymoron, isn’t it? However, Russia recently having annexed a whole chunk of the former Soviet Union, the prospect of an East-West conflict is less unimaginable now than it has been since 1989. Fearing the very worst,World War Three: Inside the War Room (BBC Two) played a game in which it all kicked off in the Baltic states and Britain got sucked in.

BBC reality show. World War Three. Inside the War Room

BBC reality show. World War Three. Inside the War Room

Britain and Nato regularly simulate war games against “hypothetical” opponents so that they are ready for crises that arise in the real world.

Don’t escalate the situation now but get ready behind the scenes.

Only a game though, eh? Quinda!

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