NYC Century Bike Tour

Bike the Boros: NYC Century is a friendly, non-competitive ride. NYC Century starts & finishes at Pier 97, Hudson River Park,Hudson River Greenway between W 56th St and W 57th St
NYC Century Bike Tour 2016

NYC Century Bike Tour 2016

Traditionally the NYC Century has been held on the Sunday after Labor Day. This year NYC Century has scheduled for Saturday, September 10th rather than Sunday, September 11th out of respect for the survivors of 9/11 and the loved ones of 9/11 victims

The below streets will be closed Saturday from 6 am to 6 pm for the NYC Century Bike Tour as permitted by NYPD.

Manhattan Locations:

  • West 59th Street between 12th Avenue and 11th Avenue
  • 11th Avenue between West 59th Street and West 54th Street
  • West 54th Street between 11th Avenue and 9th Avenue
  • 9th Avenue between West 54th Street and West 15th Street
  • Hudson Street between 8th Avenue and West 14th Street
  • Bleecker Street between 8th Avenue and LaGuardia Place
  • West Broadway between Bleecker Street and Grand Street
  • Grand Street between West Broadway and Lafayette Street
  • Lafayette Street between Grand Street and Reade Street
  • Centre Street between Reade Street and Brooklyn Bridge Bike Path
  • Broadway between West 225th Street and 10th Avenue
  • 10th Avenue between West 218th Street and Dyckman Street
  • Nicholas Avenue between West 155th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard
  • Frederick Douglass Boulevard between St. Nicholas Avenue and Frederick Douglass Circle
  • Riverside Drive between West 110th Street and West 72nd Street
  • West 72nd Street between Riverside Drive and West End Avenue
  • West End Avenue between West 72nd Street and West 59th Street
  • West 59th Street between West End Avenue and West Side Highway
  • East 105th Street between FDR Drive and 1st Avenue
  • 1st Avenue between East 105th Street and East 111th Street
  • East 111th Street between 1st Avenue and 5th Avenue
  • Lenox Avenue between West 111th Street and Central Park North
  • West 110th Street between Frederick Douglass Circle and Broadway
  • 9th Avenue between 15th Street and 14th Street
  • West 110th Street between Broadway and Riverside Drive
  • West 110th Street between Lenox Avenue and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard
  • West 110th Street between Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard and Fredrick Douglass Circle
  • West 111th Street between 5th Avenue and Lenox Avenue
  • East 103rd Street Footbridge between Harlem River Pathway and East 102nd Street

Brooklyn Locations:

  • Adams Street between Tillary Street and Sands Street
  • Sands Street between Adams Street and Navy Street
  • Navy Street between Sands Street and Flushing Avenue
  • Flushing Avenue between Navy Street and Vanderbilt Avenue
  • Vanderbilt Avenue between Flushing Avenue and Plaza Street East
  • Plaza Street East between Vanderbilt Avenue and Prospect Park West
  • Prospect Park West between Plaza Street and Prospect Park Southwest
  • Prospect Park Southwest between Prospect Park West and 16th Street
  • Prospect Park: Park Drive – Whole Drive
  • Prospect Park: Park Circle Entrance
  • Ocean Parkway between Park Circle and Avenue R
  • Avenue R between Ocean Parkway and Gerritsen Avenue
  • Gerritsen Avenue between Avenue R and Brown Street
  • Avenue U between Brown Street and Ryder Street
  • Ryder Street between Avenue U and Avenue V
  • Avenue V between Ryder Street and Hendrickson Street
  • Hendrickson Street between Avenue V and Hendrickson Place
  • Flatbush Avenue between Hendrickson Place and Aviation Road
  • St Johns Place between Plaza Street East and Bedford Avenue
  • Bedford Avenue between St Johns Place and Division Avenue
  • Division Avenue between Bedford Avenue and Kent Avenue
  • Kent Avenue between Division Avenue and Franklin Street
  • Franklin Street between Kent Avenue and Eagle Street
  • Brown Street between Gerritsen Avenue and Avenue U
  • Eagle Street between Franklin Street and Pulaski Bridge Bike Path

Queens Locations:

  • Beach 169th Street between State Road and Murray Road
  • Rockaway Beach Boulevard between Beach 149th Street and Beach 108th Street
  • Beach 108th Street between Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Shore Front Parkway
  • Shore Front Parkway between Beach 108th Street and Beach 94th Street
  • Beach 94th Street between Shore Front Parkway and Rockaway Freeway
  • Beach 92nd Street between Rockaway Freeway and Beach Channel Drive
  • Cross Bay Boulevard between East 21st Road and 165th Avenue
  • 165th Avenue between Cross Bay Boulevard and 92nd Street
  • 92nd Street between 165th Avenue and 157th Avenue
  • 157th Avenue between 92nd Street and 84th Street
  • 84th Street between Shore Parkway and 151st Avenue
  • Amber Street between Stanley Avenue and Loring Avenue
  • Loring Avenue between amber Street and Linden Boulevard
  • Fountain Avenue between Linden Boulevard and Dumont Avenue
  • Dumont Avenue between Fountain Avenue and Logan Street
  • Logan Street between Dumont Avenue and Etna Street
  • Etna Street between Logan Street and Force Tube Avenue
  • Force Tube Avenue between Etna Street and Highland Boulevard
  • Cooper Avenue between Cypress Hills Street and Myrtle Avenue
  • Cypress Hills Street between Cypress Avenue and Cooper Avenue
  • Myrtle Avenue between Cooper Avenue and 79th Lane
  • Park Lane between Forest Park Drive and Onslow Place
  • Onslow Place between Park Lane and Grenfell Street
  • 82nd Avenue between Grenfell Street and Kew Gardens Road
  • Kew Gardens Road between 82nd Avenue and 83rd Avenue
  • 83rd Avenue between Kew Gardens Road and Hoover Avenue
  • Main Street between Hoover Avenue and 72nd Avenue
  • 164th Street between 73rd Avenue and 59th Avenue
  • 69th Avenue between Cloverdale Boulevard and 230th Street
  • 230th Street between 69th Avenue and 67th Avenue
  • 67th Avenue between 230th Street and 233rd Street
  • 233rd Street between 67th Avenue and East Hampton Boulevard
  • 223rd Street between Cloverdale Boulevard and Northern Boulevard
  • Utopia Parkway between Cryders Lane and 26th Avenue
  • 26th Avenue between Utopia Parkway and 154th Street
  • 154th Street between 26th Avenue and 32nd Avenue
  • 32nd Avenue between 154th Street and Parsons Boulevard
  • Parsons Boulevard between 32nd Avenue and 35th Avenue
  • 35th Avenue between Parsons Boulevard and Prince Street
  • Prince Street between 35th Avenue and Northern Boulevard
  • 27th Avenue between Ditmars Boulevard and Gilmore Street
  • Gilmore Street between 27th Avenue and 24th Avenue
  • 24th Avenue between Gilmore Street and 92nd Street
  • 92nd Street between 24th Avenue and 23rd Avenue
  • 23rd Avenue between 92nd Street and 82nd Street
  • 82nd Street between 23rd Avenue and Ditmars Boulevard
  • Ditmars Boulevard between 82nd Street and 81st Street
  • 81st Street between Ditmars Boulevard and 19th Avenue
  • 49th Street between 19th Avenue and 20th Avenue
  • 20th Avenue between 49th Street and Shore Boulevard
  • 24th Avenue between 19th Street and 27th Street
  • 27th Street between 24th Avenue and Hoyt Avenue North
  • Hendrickson Place between Hendrickson Street and Flatbush Avenue
  • Flatbush Avenue between Aviation Road Over Bridge To Rockaways
  • Hoover Avenue between Main Street and Smedley Street
  • Smedley Street between Hoover Avenue and 84th Road
  • 84th Road between Smedley Street and 164th Street
  • 164th Street between 84th Road and Underhill Avenue
  • Underhill Avenue between 164th Street and 170th Street
  • Cloverdale Boulevard between 77th Avenue and 76th Avenue
  • Cloverdale Boulevard between 73rd Avenue and 69th Avenue
  • Cloverdale Boulevard between Birmington Parkway and 223rd Street
  • Main Street between Hoover Avenue and 73rd Avenue
  • 72nd Avenue between Main Street and Park Drive East
  • Park Drive East between 72nd Avenue and Jewel Avenue
  • Marina Road between Boat Basin Place and Flushing Bay Promenade
  • Pulaski Bridge (Southbound) between Freeman Street and 49th Avenue
  • 11th Street between 50th Avenue and 51st Avenue
  • 51st Avenue between 11th Street and Vernon Boulevard
  • Vernon Boulevard between 51st Avenue and Main Avenue
  • 8th Street between Main Avenue and 27th Avenue
  • 27th Avenue between 8th Street and 12th Street
  • 12th Street between 27th Avenue and Shore Boulevard
  • Northern Boulevard between Prince Street and Flushing Bay Promenade
  • Rockaway Beach Blvd between Beach Channel Drive and Beach 149th Street
  • 151st Avenue between 84th Street and 79th Street
  • 151st Avenue between 79th Street and Sapphire Street
  • Stanley Avenue between Sapphire Street and amber Street
  • Forest Park Drive between Metropolitan Avenue and Park Lane
  • Hoover Avenue between 83rd Avenue and Main Street
  • Boat Basin Place between Shea Road and Marina Road
  • 19th Avenue between 81st Street and 49th Street

Bronx Locations:

  • Cypress Avenue between East 133rd Street and East 132nd Street
  • Sheridan Expressway between Westchester Avenue and East 177th Street
  • City Island Avenue between City Island Bridge and Fordham Street
  • Ann’s Avenue between East 132nd Street and East 141st Street
  • East 132nd Street between Cypress Avenue and Walnut Avenue
  • East 132nd Street between Willow Avenue and Walnut Avenue
  • Walnut Avenue between East 132nd Street and East 138th Street
  • East 138th Street between Walnut Avenue and Jackson Avenue
  • Jackson Avenue between East 138th Street and East 145th Street
  • East 145th Street between Jackson Avenue and Concord Avenue
  • Concord Avenue between East 145th Street and East 150th Street
  • East 150th Street between Concord Avenue and Prospect Avenue
  • Prospect Avenue between East 150th Street and East 167th Street
  • East 167th Street between Prospect Avenue and Westchester Avenue
  • Westchester Avenue between East 167th Street and Sheridan Expressway Service Road
  • Devoe Avenue between East 177th Street and East 180th Street
  • East 180th Street between Devoe Avenue and Bronx River Parkway
  • Bronx Park East between Lydig Avenue and Bronx And Pelham Parkway
  • Bronx And Pelham Parkway between Bronx Park East and Shore Road
  • Fordham Street between City Island Avenue and King Avenue
  • King Avenue between Fordham Street and Ditmars Street
  • Ditmars Street Between King Avenue and Minnieford Avenue
  • Minnieford Avenue between Ditmars Street and Kilroe Street
  • Kilroe Street between Minnieford Avenue and King Avenue
  • King Avenue between Kilroe Street and Terrace Street
  • Terrace Street between King Avenue and Minnieford Avenue
  • Minnieford Avenue between Terrace Street and Bridge Street
  • Bridge Street between Minnieford Avenue and City Island Avenue
  • City Island Bridge between City Island Avenue and City Island Road
  • Bartow Avenue between Hutchinson River Parkway and Co-Op City Boulevard
  • Co-Op City Boulevard between Bartow Avenue and Asch Loop
  • Asch Loop between Co-Op City Boulevard and Bartow Avenue
  • Bartow Avenue between Asch Loop and Kingsland Avenue
  • Kingsland Avenue between Bartow Avenue and Allerton Avenue
  • Allerton Avenue between Kingsland Avenue and Southern Boulevard
  • Southern Boulevard between Allerton Avenue and Mosholu Parkway
  • Mosholu Parkway between Southern Boulevard and West Gun Hill Road
  • Waldo Avenue between Manhattan College Parkway and West 238th Street
  • West 238th Street between Waldo Avenue and Tibbett Avenue
  • Tibbett Avenue between West 238th Street and West 230th Street
  • West 230th Street between Tibbett Avenue and Marble Hill Avenue
  • Marble Hill Avenue between West 230th Street and West 228th Street
  • West 228th Street between Marble Hill Avenue and Terrace View Avenue
  • West 225th Street between Terrace View Avenue and Broadway

For the full list of streets activities go to The Latest NYC Weekend Traffic Advisory

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