Fish called Dracula in Value Village in Fairbanks, Alaska



By Ann Tyller | September 28, 2015 11:57 pm

This horror story happened in Value Village in Fairbanks, Alaska. Somebody stepped on the creepy, snake-like creature (actually it was fish) had just appeared, as though it had fallen out of the sky. Man who found this “creature” placed it in a bucket of water and called the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G).

The “creature” was identified as Arctic lamprey, a long, parasitic fish with terrifying rings of teeth, which it uses to attack other fish, sometimes even shark to suck blood out its prey.

The “creature” was identified as Arctic lamprey

The “creature” was identified as Arctic lamprey

Arctic lampreys are common in Alaska waters. They’re less common on land. The fish that turned up that week all bore gashes in their sides, suggesting they’d been picked up by gulls, then dropped once the birds were aloft.

Stories of freak rains of fish (and sometimes frogs) have persisted for millennia.  Every two years or so, it seems, there’s a plague of airborne fish somewhere in the world. In the last ten years alone, slimy deluges have attacked humans. It happened in India, Japan and Ireland.

So how did those terrifying creature fall from the sky?

The most viable theory at the moment is that these rains are exactly what they resemble: weather. If a tornado or big rainstorm passes over a body of water, it could conceivably suck up some of the pond or river—and the animals that live there with it. As the waterspout passes over land, it dissipates, leaving frogs in the fields or fish at the front door.

However, scientists are not completely agree with this theory. For one thing, nobody has ever seen it happen. The fish just seem to appear when we’re not looking. For another, why would a waterspout suck up just one species? It’s just fish, and only one kind, at that.

So be aware. Fish called Dracula might fall from the sky in your town if you don’t behave yoursalf

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