New York Fashion Week – moving around egos



By SisiBroad | February 7, 2013 12:19 pm


Another New York Fashion Week is about to begin.

Organizers are still trying to figure out how to maximize front-row seating at their shows — and exploring ever more creative ways to squeeze people in — without offending anybody.

Getting a front-row seat during New York Fashion Week provides attendees the chance to be photographed by paparazzi before the show begins. Simply speaking more cheap publicity.

Most people agree that the pressure to find as many front-row seats as possible is increasing from season to season. Some attendees demand that either they get the front row or they are not coming at all. And who is going to be hurt more: organazers or none-attendees?

To avoid that problem a W-shaped runway has been devised. There are other variations. “You do maximize space with snake formations, but then you’re only seeing the clothes in one pass,” said the fashion publicist Libby Haan

It’s kind of similar to the popular U-shaped runway. It’s simply adds middle rows of seats to the runway, thereby doubling the number of front-row ones.

Will we witness more lawsuits as it happened with the last year’?

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