USA-Russia. Back to “Cold War” again?



By Dan Bart | October 2, 2015 1:45 pm

Few days after Russian President’s speech at United Nation and airstrikes of Russia in Syria came news of a new war of words between Russia and USA. And they have suddenly overshadowed a Paris summit Friday meant to focus on the conflict in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin meets President of France and German Chancellor on Friday at very tense moment. All the leaders, like President Barack Obama, are concerned about Islamic extremists who have seized territory and power in the chaos of Syria’s civil war — and now threaten attacks abroad.

US and Russia renew Cold War rivalry

imageBut Russia and the West don’t appear to have the some objectives in Syria.

France, firmly opposed to Syrian President Bashar Assad, also started airstrikes this week targeting Islamic extremists as part of a U.S.-led coalition. Russia is targeting extremists too, but Western officials say Vladimir Putin is using the air campaign to demonstrate Russian military power and to safe Assad’ regime.

Western Allies coalition has called on Russia to immediately cease attacks on the Syrian opposition and to focus on fighting Islamic State militants.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Thursday rejected suggestions that the airstrikes were meant to safe Assad’s government. He said that Russia was targeting the same militant groups as the U.S.-led coalition, also known as ISIL and other groups of Islamic extremists.

Tensions are escalating with the U.S., and Russia’s airstrikes have prompted discussions in the Pentagon about whether the U.S. should use military force to protect U.S.-trained Syrian rebels if they come under fire by the Russians

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