Yamal Crater – Natural Wander or Result Of Human Greed



By SisiBroad | July 17, 2014 5:26 pm

Russian scantiest believe that this crater is natural result of the climate in Siberia. The rise of the temperature obviously brings such a phenomenon which looks to us as yet mysteriously since our understanding of mother earth is very insignificant.


Here we are 60-meter (66-yard) wide and 100-meter (110-yard) deep crater in the Yamal Peninsula, Siberia, Russia.

Mysterious crater discovered in the Yamal region of Siberia

Mysterious crater discovered in the Yamal region of Siberia

After visiting the crater recently Andrey Plekhanov, a senior scientist at the Scientific Research Center of the Arctic, confirm that most of the crater made of ice, trace of an explosion; according to him it means that no meteorite had struck the Yamal Peninsula. Plekhanove assured press that “build-up of excessive pressure” underground due to rising temperatures in the region. This is so called “ Hydrolaccolith which scientific term for “pingo”, happens when ice pushes up from the frozen arctic ground. Sound quite logical climate change that is getting wormer and ice pushes up from underground cisterns. Here we are a new news subject.

In this case, climate change may have caused the ice to melt, resulting in a crater where the earth-covered frost once stood.

Mysterious crater discovered in the Yamal region of Siberia

Mysterious crater discovered in the Yamal region of Siberia

More meaning of this event comes from region itself even by Russian standards really remote and highly inaccessible and called in Russia the “end of the world.”  Nevertheless,

Just keep in mind that this crater is only 20 miles away from from Russia’s vast Bovanenkovo gas field beling to Russian giant Gazprom.

Yamal crater could a result of the human activities said Arkady Kurchikov of the Tumen’ State University of Oil And Gas. ”It’s only too simple quite natural” “I think that anything supernatural is not here, there is a simple thing. Fact that when drilling Bovanenkovskoye field generated drilling waste – liquid waste, sludge and so on – they are under great pressure and hot steam is pumped into the vein ice. Apparently, relatively close to where it all pumped. There appeared weak spot, and now it’s all escaped to the surface, appeared as if a funnel. How can place-housed, spreads, spreads, and then found a weak spot and squeezed upward. Judging by the number funnel, which is – this is clearly an outlier. It seems to me that this is the way to burial, which they use to Bovanenkovskoye, perhaps, given that kind of thing. Such things can be more than once and in other places.”

“On the territory Bovanenkovskoye field showed no” failures “and other formations resembling a” hole “, appearing in the Internet dissemination of materials. Conduct geological research license areas outside experts,” Gazprom mining Nadym, one of the doter companies of the Russian giant officially commented.

By the way there is another opinion popular in Russia. Honored Geologist of Russia, Advisor RAS, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor of Tyumen State Oil and Gas University Ivan Nesterov sure: mysterious crater has an extraterrestrial origin. “This crater was formed from a collision with a meteorite. I guess this meteorite consisted of ice that fell, not burned in the atmosphere. Facing the ground was a small explosion, and then burned the walls of this meteorite hole,” said Professor Nesterov.

And the fact that the witnesses took over the underground river, not more than melted water. “Meteorite crater passed through permafrost. With permafrost, which is 300 m, the water began to flow down, and now she’s gurgles. Were fantasies that this river but no river there is no,” added Nesterov.

Once more nature wander and energy resources come together in to the spot light.
Would we care, if it were otherwise?

Thanks to Yamal crater in Siberia, Russia nature wander and energy resources come together in to the spot light


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